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"Jaime Santos portrays the reality of his life with all honesty, and this is what a composer  must do. Each one in the measure of the talent that God gave him. Super honest job of Jaime Santos. Signed Guinga ..."

"I really liked Jaime Santos. The Romã CD is an idealistic work in which music is in the foreground. We're in the same trench. Big hug ..."

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Other Testimonials:

"Beautiful CD Romã - Jaime Santos & Os Santos de Casa - Pulsating, poetic and light. That's what I felt when I listened to songs from CD Romã by singer Jaime Santos. When I listen to a CD with this wealth I wash my soul and my certainty increases, that Brazilian music is still alive and beautiful. Congratulations to Jaime's partners on this music scene. Sullivan, Itamar, Aldo and Ewerton form a team of wonderful poetic partnership beyond Jaime himself. an intense singer with a powerful and soft voice, Jaime impresses me by the way of interpreting his songs, has the smell and the flavor of Pomegranate this CD. Angry!!!" 
"Thank the gods of music for the wisdom that made us beings so sensitive to the magic touch that comes from the recesses of the soul in their flashes lovingly poured over us. Good thing, Jaime: what a beautiful composer and singer you are, my dear friend! "
"A musical work of quality, and diversified. Strands of MPB like samba, toadas and songs with great arrangements and instrumentations. Congratulations Jaime Santos and partners ..."
This hard-hitting Brazilian songwriter has accompanied for decades the first CDs of composers and singers. There are always surprises, good or bad.
Jaime Santos is great. And it opens career with this beautiful CD "Pomegranate", in which I highlight a rare event in the debutants. What I usually call, in almost paraphrase Chico Buarque, "disc made with sugar and with affection". In fact, Jaime, along with the talent as a composer and singer, took pains to finish the CD, with special participation and correct arrangements. I also draw attention to the perfection (and beauty) of the site - click and prove the first page
Therefore, Jaime Santos arrives with gowns, in symbolic tuxedo suit, squandering sugar and affection in the care, attentions and respect. Reference sacred to the public. Welcome!


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